How to Assemble Wood Pallets

What You'll Need
2X4 Boards
Safety Goggles

Assembling wood pallets is a very simple procedure. Sometimes you may encounter a need for a pallet. If you are shipping something particularly heavy and need to use a forklift, then you will need to place the item on a pallet. Having skids available is a necessity for any warehouse environment as well. Building them is easy, here’s how.

Step 1: Lay Out the Pallet Size

Your common pallet size is 48 inches by 40 inches, allowing most forklifts easy access to lifting the pallet with the pallet skids. Lay out the 40 inch two by fours and nail them together to form a base.

Step 2: Form the Middle

The middle of the pallet needs to be big enough to get the forks of a forklift in between the base and the top. The middle pieces are three 4x4 blocks of wood that form the ends and middle of the pallet. Join them to the base with nails

Step 3: Form the Top the Same Size as the Base

The top should be the exact same size as the base made by 2x4s, so you should form it as a rectangle 40 inches wide with 48 inch long 2x4s. Then joint hem to the middle 4x4 boards to completely form the pallet.

These simple pallet skids will allow a block pallet to be lifted by a forklift so you can easily move material around a warehouse.