How to Assemble Wooden Planters

Wooden planters come in kit form and need to be assembled. Although instructions are included with the kits, it is worth noting that an organized approach can make assembly much easier.

Step 1 – Clear Work Area

Clear an area where you can assemble the planter with space to spread yourself out.

Step 2 – Open Boxes and Locate Instructions

Carefully open the boxes the planter came in and locate the assembly instructions.

Step 3 – Organize Parts

Check that you have all the parts that you are supposed to have and put them into separate piles so that it is easy to find each part when you want it. Pay particular attention to small parts like screws.

Step 4 – Inspect Each Part

Inspect each wooden part and make sure it has been drilled where the instructions indicate that it should be.

Step 5 – Add Finish to Wood

If the planter parts are not sealed and finished, typical of many modern planters, you may need to use some fine glass paper to give that nice satin feel that wood can adopt.

Step 6 - Use Quality Varnish

The best way to seal a wooden planter is to use a good quality varnish before you begin assemble it. This will give you the best chance of sealing the ends of any wooden parts as well as any other parts that will be concealed once the planter is assembled.

Step 7 – Assemble Planter One Piece at a Time

The sides and bottom of a modern outdoor planter are usually assembled independently and then fitted together. Collect the pieces you need for one side and assemble it according to the instructions.

Sometimes the individual pieces will only fit together one way so if you find that a piece does not fit properly, try turning it around. This can be very important if there are pilot holes for screws that will only match up when the pieces are joined correctly

Step 9 – Assemble without Screws First

As far as possible, assemble the side without using screws to ensure that you have got it right. Often a little practice or a dry run will be very beneficial.

Step 10 – Assemble Base and Sides

Assemble all 4 sides and ensure that the screws are driven home well. The sides should be rigid with no flexibility and no parts feeling loose. If the base is not a single piece of wood, assemble the base. Try to put the 4 sides together with the base to make sure that they will fit properly. Sometimes this is easier if the 4 sides have been joined to make the basic planter shape.

Sometimes the base will fit into a groove cut into the sides near the bottom. In this case put 3 sides together to make sure the base will slide into the groove and that the groove meets up on all 4 sides.

Step 14 – Seal Screws to Make Watertight

Ensure all screws and fixings are tight and, if you have varnished the wooden parts, drip a little varnish onto the screw heads or apply a little water repellent so that water does not soak into the wood through the screw hole.

Once you have assembled your wood planter you can think about populating it with plants.