How to Attach a Boat Trailer Brake Line

What You'll Need
Socket wrench
Floor jack
Drill bits
Brake line bending tool
Protective eyeglasses
Working gloves

Attaching a boat trailer brake line is a challenging task but if you have a working knowledge about engines and boats, you can do the task on your own. To attach a boat trailer brake line, here is what you should do.

Step 1 – Put the Boat Trailer in Position

Use a floor jack to lift the boat trailer off the ground and use a support platform to prevent the trailer from toppling over.

Step 2 – Route the Brake Line

Take the brake line and run it along the trailer frame. Bend the line when necessary and use tie wire pieces to hold the brake line in place.

Step 3 – Fasten the Line to the Brake Calipers

Using a screwdriver, you need to fit one end of the brake line into the rear side of the caliper. Take the other end of the brake line across the boat trailer axle to the other brake caliper.

Step 4 – Fasten the Coupler and Tee-fitting

Using a wrench, fasten the compression coupler at the end of the main brake line. Once the coupler is in place, you need to install the compression tee-fitting, then put in the rubber brake line section on the tee-fitting.