How to Attach a Carport to an Awning

What You'll Need
Roofing material
Jackhammer (optional)
Post hole digger (optional)

A carport awning provides a finished look to your home's exterior. It is fairly simple to attach a carport to an awning or the side of your house. When it's time to sell, you may find that the added carport adds great value to the home. Carports can come ready made but the easiest way to add one is to build one. In fact, it is quite simple to add a carport to an awning or the side of your house in just one weekend.

Step 1 – Permits and Measurements

Before adding any structure to your house, even something as simple as a carport you must first contact your city officials to ensure that you are allowed to do so in your area. At this time you should also find out what sort of permits, if any, are required to attach such a structure. This should be done well before you are ready to start work as they often take a long time to get. If you are unsure you should also have a carpenter or inspector come and determine if you can even attach a carport to that area of your house. There may be instances where there to too little to support the addition of a carport. Measure the area that will house the carport to ensure that it is in fact big enough to hold at least one car.

Step 2 – Set the Posts

Once you have determined the area for the carport you can begin digging your holes for the corner posts. For this you may need a post hole digger or something more heavy duty as a jackhammer if there is concrete in the way. Once each hole has been dug, place each post in its hole. Stand the posts so that they are level and begin pouring the concrete into the hole. Make sure to pat the concrete to remove air bubbles that may cause it to break. Once the concrete is poured, reinforce the posts and let them set for 24 hours.

Step 3 – Attach Rafters

After the concrete has set and the posts have been cut to the desired height you can start to install your rafters. In order to install the rafters you must first install what are called your bearers. These are the boards that will support the rafters. It is important at this time that bearers and rafters are being attached to awning and the house as well. This will make the structure more sturdy. Measure and cut your rafters and then secure them to the bearers using joist hangers and nails. Be sure to find hangers that are stronger enough to withstand the load. The rafters should be placed equal distances apart. Your local building inspector may be able to tell you that correct distance between rafters.

Step 4 – Attach Roofing

Now that all rafters are in place it is time to attach the material for the roof. The material being used is completely up to the homeowner. People are often choosing metal or plastic as the roofing material as it withstands the elements better than cloth. Start at the bottom of the slope and secure the material in place with screws or nails. Installing a gutter or drain is advised as well, this will prevent problems in the future.