How to Attach a Chain Link Fence to Masonry

What You'll Need
Tape measure
Masonry bit
Galvanized wire
Galvanized masonry screws

A chain link fence offers a home security it may not have had before being installed. If you happen to live in an area that has minimal space then installing a chain link fence starts to become more difficult. One of the many solutions is to attach the chain link fence directly to the masonry of the home. This can be done regardless if your home is brick or concrete but it does take some special supplies and tools. The article below will show you how to fasten chain link fence to the brick or concrete of your home.

Step 1 – Location

Installing the chain link fence to masonry is kind of a once and done thing as you can easily damage the brick or concrete. Place the piece of chain link fence up against the wall you plan on attaching it to. Hold the chain link fence up with one hand at the position you need it to be in. With your other hand use the pencil to mark the areas where you want to attach the chain link fence. You will want one mark at the top and bottom of the fence and, depending on the height, at least two in the center evenly spaced apart.

Step 2 – Drill the Holes

Determine the size of the masonry screws and use a masonry drill bit that is somewhat smaller than the screw. You only want to create a pilot hole so the screw has a good starting point. The pilot hole also allows the screws to go in to the masonry straight. Attach the drill bit and using medium pressure drill a pilot hole less than three quarters the length of the masonry screw. Once the pilot holes are drilled you then need to add support which will prevent the brick or concrete from crumbling. For this you will be using what is known as a molly. It is a metal brace that is a concrete anchor. Place a molly inside each of the pilot holes you drilled and tap it flush to the masonry using the hammer.

Step 3 – Attach the Chain Link Fence to the Masonry

Now that the pilot holes are drilled and the mollies installed you can safely attach the chain link fence. Hold the chain link fence up to the wall and wrap the metal wire around the edge of the chain links which are going to be attached to the wall. Use the pliers to twist the wire tight. Create a loop on the other end of the wire. Insert one of the screws inside the molly and place the hoop over the head of the screw. Use the pliers to tighten the hoop. Use an electric screwdriver and tighten the screws. As they enter the molly the wire is pulled closer to the wall. As the screw turns in the molly the molly opens up and the teeth embed inside the wall. Repeat for each hole.