How to Attach a Convex Rear View Mirror to Your Side Mirrors

What You'll Need
Convex Mirror
Glass Adhesive
Glass Cleaner
Rubbing Alcohol
Tape Measure

Relying on a single rear view mirror is not enough for safe driving in cities and highways. Vehicles also have two side mirrors in order to help the driver have a better view of what is around him while not having to take their eyes off the road for very long. A convex rear view mirror installed in the corner of the side mirrors can double your field of vision. The convex nature of the mirror widens the view so that the driver has less of a blind spot. Installing a convex rear view mirror to your side mirrors is an easy project for any do it yourself mechanic. 

Step 1: Measure Side Mirror

Before you install the convex rear view mirror you need to measure the side mirror. By taking this step you will be able to choose the right sized convex mirror for your car. Some mirrors can be bought that are made for your vehicle, but a majority of the convex mirrors are aftermarket products. Measure the convex mirrors before you buy one to make sure that the measurements are equal. 

Step 2: Clean Side View Mirror

The convex mirror will be installed over the original mirror. In order for this to work you will need to make sure that the side mirror is clean. You can use a regular window cleaner to do this. Simply spray the cleaner on the mirror and then wipe it off with a clean, soft rag. If the window cleaner does not remove some of the grime, bird droppings, or road tar that is stuck onto the surface, use some rubbing alcohol to remove it. Soak a rag and let it set on the mirror for a few minutes. Then wipe away with a dry rag.

Step 3: Set Adhesive

There are two types of convex mirrors that can be applied to the side mirror on your vehicle. There is the one that has the adhesive already applied, and those that do not. Before you can install the new convex mirror you will need to get the adhesive ready. For those mirrors with the adhesive already applied, simply peel the paper back off the rear of the mirror. This will expose the adhesive backing. For those that do not, you will need to apply some glass adhesive to the back. Spread it on quite liberally and make sure the entire back is covered.

Step 4: Install Convex Rear View Mirror

Once the adhesive is exposed, or spread out over the back of the convex mirror, you can install it over the original side mirror. Hold the mirror straight and press it onto the side mirror. Press the mirror from the center and not only on the sides. This will apply pressure through the whole surface rather than just the sides. Hold it on for a few minutes for the adhesive to bond.

Step 5: Clean Glue and Mirror

When you can let go of the mirror and it does not move, then you can finish the installation by cleaning off the excess glue. Use a clean rag and simply wipe it away. Use the glass cleaner to clean off any fingerprints on the convex rear view mirror and you are finished.