How to Attach a Downspout Diverter

What You'll Need
PVC pipe
PVC glue
PVC fitting
Utility knife
Water hose
Working gloves

A good downspout diverter can help keep rainwater away from your home foundation, your flowers or shrubs, as well as help you collect rainwater in a barrel for future use. Creating your own downspout diverter and attaching it to your roof is relatively easy. To attach a downspout diverter to your existing water diverter, here is what you need to do.

Step 1 – Cut the Appropriate Length of PVC Pipe

To create your downspout diverter you need two types of pipes, one angled and one straight. The angled pipe will be attached directly to the water diverter, while the longer pipe will serve as the outlet. The straight pipe must be longer than the angled one. Cut the appropriate length of straight 3-inch-diameter PVC pipe. If you want a downspout diverter that can get the water away from the foundation of your home you can simply cut 1 to 2 feet of PVC pipe. On the other hand, if you want to divert water away from your garden or collect the water into a barrel, you may need a longer pipe.

Step 2 – Sand the Edges of the PVC Pipe

After cutting the PVC pipe, sand its edges to prevent cuts and injuries when you attach the downspout diverter.

Step 3 – Glue the PVC Fittings

To join the angled and the straight pipes, spread PVC glue on the inside of the ends of both pipes and then press them together.  Do not touch the PVC with your bare hands when applying it to the PVC pipes. PVC glue dries up fast and if you are not careful it will harden on your hands. Once this happens, it will be quite difficult to remove it.

Step 4 – Prepare the Water Diverter

Before attaching the downspout diverter to your water diverter, clean the water diverter and make sure that it is free from debris and damages. After cleaning the water diverter, measure the top of the water diverter. See to it that its diameter fits into the pipes of your downspout diverter.

Step 5 - Attach the Downspout Diverter to the Water Diverter

To attach the downspout diverter into the water diverter, cut the top end of the water diverter to fit into the end of the downspout diverter. If your water diverter comes with a template, place the template over the downspout diverter and then secure the downspout diverter in place using sheet meter screws. On the other hand, if your water diverter does not have a template, drill holes on the sides of your diverter and then use screws to join the water diverter and the downspout diverter together. Make sure that the downspout diverter is securely attached to the water diverter.

Step 6 – Attach the Water Hose to the Downspout Diverter

To collect rain water for future use, attach a water hose at the end of the downspout diverter and connect the hose to a barrel.