How to Attach a Post to Painted Wood Signs

What You'll Need
Painted Wood Sign
2x2 inch strips of wood (2)
Measuring Tape
Paper and Pencil

Painted wooden signs are one of the most attractive ways of creating a direction or a welcoming message close to a building. In fact, painted wooden signs are among the most popular solutions to welcome visitors and guests to your home or building. Moreover, they are fun, easy and economic to make.

Step 1 – Preparation

The first thing you need to do is to get the painted wood sign. Once your painted wood sign is ready you can get down to business with fixing the post. For aesthetic reasons it is advisable to attach a wood post and not a metal one to your wood sign. The first thing you need to do is to take note of the width of your wood sign. Once you have recorded the width, you can get one of the 2x2 inch wood strips and mark the measurements on it. At this point you can take note of the desired height to which your wood sign will stand and mark it on the second wood strip.

Step 2 – Cutting Down the Strips

Once you have taken down the measurements you can start cutting down the strips with the help of a saw. Remember to leave an extra 5 inches to the second strip because the post will be hammered down into the soil so that it can hold firmly upwards.

Step 3 – Attaching the Wood Strips

As soon as your two strips of wood are cut down to measure you can start attaching the wood strips that will act as a post. Place the two wood strips in a T-Shape in such a way that the strip relative to the width of the sign is placed on top of the base (second strip of Step 1). Make sure that you place the base strip exactly in the middle of the top strip to shape a perfect T. As soon as the strips are in position you can attach them together with the use of hammer and nail. Drive the nails downwards from the top of the first strip towards the base. You should use at least three nails to have them securely attached.

Step 4 – Attaching the Wood Sign to the Post

As soon as the post is ready you can attach the sign to it. Now get the sign and the post and place the T-Shaped post aligning the top bar of the post to the bottom width of the sign. Remember to do this alignment with the post behind the sign and not in front of it because you will now be hammering the post to the sign and you wouldn’t want to have the sign ruined by an intruding post. Once the post and sign are aligned, you can start hammering them together. Drive nails horizontally from the top part of the post to the sign. You should place the nails 4 inches apart.

Step 5 - Position Your Finished Wood Sign in Place

Your final step is to secure your wood sign in the ground, at the desired location. You may need some help to do this since you need to hammer in the post while holding the wood sign steady and straight.

This is the easiest way to attach a post to a sign. With this method you can choose the height of the post and you can make sure they are securely attached to one another. Moreover, if you had to replace the sign or the post it is very easy to undo the work.