How to Attach a Shelf to a Concrete Wall

A shelf on a wall.
  • 2-4 hours
  • Intermediate
  • 0-200
What You'll Need
Measuring tape
Hammer drill
Mason drill bits
Shelf support brackets
Expansion screws
Table or skill saw
Shelf planking

Attaching a shelf to a concrete wall is a great way to create space to store things in your home. Many times you wish you had more space to store things in the basement, garage, or even on the outside of the wall; attaching a shelf to a concrete wall is one of the best options. Though it's a bit more difficult than attaching shelves to a wood wall, with the right tools and this guide you'll be able to successfully attach as many shelves you need to any concrete wall in your home.

Step 1 - Pick a Location

Choose the location where you'd like to attach the shelf.

Step 2 - Take Measurements

Measure the height for each shelf and mark it with a pencil. You will also need to mark the place you want your shelf to start from. Use a level to draw a line on the wall. Measure the whole length of the shelf.

Step 3 - Mark Every 24 Inches

Mark every 24 inches along the line you made on the wall. You will need this to fix the support brackets on the wall.

Step 4 - Mount Holes

Mark the holes of the bracket on the wall. If one of the holes is on a portion of mortar or on the seam, you can adjust the bracket a bit to move to the left or right and mark the hole.

Step 5 - Drill

Use the hammer drill and a ¼ inch masonry drilling bit to make holes in the places you marked on the wall. If you don't own a hammer drill, you can rent one from the local hardware store.

Step 6 - Determine Casing

Determine the length of the casing and drill into the wall. Be careful not to drill too much into the wall.

Step 7 - Add Brackets

It's better to purchase steel brackets from the hardware store. These are reinforced brackets and offer better support.

Step 8 - Fix the Bracket

Hold the bracket upright to the line on the wall and fix it to the holes you made. Place the fasteners through the holes and make sure they fit well. Use the screwdriver to fix the screws to the wall.

Step 9 - Fix Other Brackets

Fix all the other brackets using the same method. Make sure that they're all in the same line so that your shelf will be level.

Step 10 - Cut the Wood

Use the measurements you took in step 2 and measure the shelf to be cut. You can also buy pre-cut shelves from the hardware store.

Step 11 - Cut and Fix

Cut the wood using the table saw and place the shelf on the brackets, making sure it's placed well against the wall. Fix the shelf to the brackets using mounting screws.

Step 12 - Finish

Finish mounting all the shelves using mounting screws.

That's it. Your shelves are ready.