How to Attach a Trim Board to a Window

What You'll Need
Trim board
Nail gun
Measuring tape

Every home you walk into has trim board installed but you may never notice it. Trim board is meant to be functional as well as decorative which can surround your doors, walls and windows. Trim board around windows tends to be the most decorative so that the window can be highlighted as a focal point. This article will explain how you can install trim board to windows on your own.

Step 1 - Make Guide Lines

In order to properly attach trim board to windows you need to use guide lines. Without guide lines you run the risk of the trim boards not being even. Place one board along the outside edge of the window. Make sure the edge of the board is even with the window. Keep in mind that trim boards are meant to cover the gap between the wall and the window. Once the trim is in place you can then draw a line down the outside edge of the trim. Repeat this with the remaining 3 sides of the window. If you are concerned about leaving pencil marks on the wall you can also utilize chalk.

Step 2 - Install the Window Stool

The window stool is placed under the window and above the bottom wood trim. It forms a lip below the window. These are not always used so it's completely to you if you wish to install one or not. If not, skip ahead to the next step. The window stool is the same width as the window and is the same thickness as the space between the window and the wall. Slide the window stool in place. Make sure it is secure and then insert nails through the wall at the bottom of the window stool. Make sure you use your stud finder so you can place the nails in a stud.

Step 3 - Install the Trim Board

Choose which side you wish to begin on and whichever it is be sure to go around the window from side to top or bottom to side then to top or bottom again. In other words, do not put both sides in place and then the top or bottom. Start with a side of the window and hold the wood trim on the wall being sure you line up the outside edge of the trim with the pencil line. With your other hand have the nail gun ready and on the "bump mode" setting. This allows you to just bump the nozzle to expel a nail. Place one nail at the top of each trim board and at the center. Remember to only place a nail in a stud. Place the top trim board in place. Make sure the edges of the trim line up, then install the nails as you did with the previous trim board. Repeat with the remaining pieces. Check your work and remove boards if you need to. If everything checks out then add several more nails to the boards every 6 inches.