How to Attach a Wrought Iron Banister How to Attach a Wrought Iron Banister

What You'll Need
Wrought iron banister
Self injecting epoxy or epoxy with an applicator gun
Self tapping wood screws
Screwdriver set
Hammer or rubber mallet
Iron balusters or spindles
Small chisel
Wood putty filler
Stain or varnish

You want to give your old staircase a new look and replace that wooden banister with a wrought iron banister. Well, attaching the new banister is much easier than you think. The process does, however, require that you replace the wooden balusters (spindles) as well, but that's easy too. To make it even easier, here's a guide to show how you do it.

Step 1 - Measure Old Banister

First, you will need to measure your current banister. Measure the banister from the top newel post to the lower one (newel posts are the large columns that support the banister). Measure the banister two or three times for an accurate measurement. Also, count the number of spindles (balusters) used in the staircase.

Step 2 - Order New Banister and Balusters

Visit a local home improvement store and order a wrought iron banister and balusters for your staircase. Use the measurements from the old banister for ordering the new one. Order the correct number of wrought iron balusters to replace the wooden ones.

Step 3 - Remove Old Banister

Remove the screws that attach the banister to the newel posts. Then, use a hammer or rubber mallet and hammer (use an upward hammer stroke) the banister on the underside to separate the banister from the spindles.

Step 4 - Remove Old Spindles

Use the saw to cut the spindles at the base. Try to cut them so that they are flush with the stair tread. Alternatively, you can twist the spindles back and forth until they are loose if you plan to reuse the balusters in another location.

Step 5 - Fill Spindle Holes in Staircase

Use the wood putty to fill any crevices or holes left by the removal of the spindles. Spread the putty level with the stair treads and wipe away any excess with a towel. Allow the putty to dry in accordance with the directions on the can or tube.

Step 6 - Create Holes for New Balusters

Measure the diameter of the new wrought iron balusters. Use the chisel to create small holes in the holes that you filled with wood putty. Make the holes about 1/4 inch deep and try to make them the same shape and size as the bases of the new balusters.

Step 7 - Install New Wrought Iron Balusters

Place the new balusters in the holes you made. Use the epoxy to secure them in the holes. Also, use the level to make sure the balusters are straight up and down.

Step 8 - Attach New Wrought Iron Banister

Have someone help you put the new banister in place. Insert the screws into the banister and newel posts. Then use the epoxy to attach the top of each baluster to the bottom of the banister. Again, use the level to make sure the balusters are straight. Wipe away excess epoxy before it dries.

Step 10 - Allow Epoxy to Dry

Allow the epoxy to dry for at least 24 hours before putting weight on the new banister.

Step 11 - Touch up Stain on Treads

Lightly sand the stair treads around the base of the baluster. Use a matching color stain or varnish to touch up the finish on the treads.



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