How to Attach an Anchor Winch

What You'll Need
Electric winch kit
Wire cutters
Toggle switch

Installing an electric anchor winch is relatively simple. This installation will end up saving a lot of back breaking work when you go to anchor your boat. If you have a few tools and are comfortable setting up electric devices, you can typically do this in just a few hours.

Step 1 - Find a Location

Wherever you mount the winch, you will need room for a few different components. You will need room for the winch itself, as well as room for the line feeds. the rollers that are used for the feeds must be perfectly aligned with the reel of the winch too. With these things in mind, find a good location and mark the spot for installation.

Step 2 - Attach the Roller

Mount the roller for the line on the deck using marine bolts. The bolts should have been included with the winch kit.

Step 3 - Install the Toggle Switch

The toggle switch is going to essentially be the ‘on-off’ control for the winch. you want to install this at the console point on the boat. You need to connect the two power leads from the winch to the switch. Run the ground wire from here to the ground on the boat. Test the switch to ensure it’s working, with toggling up to raise and down to lower.

Step 4 - Line it All Up

Weave the line through the roller and secure it to the anchor. From here you should be able to test the winch and start using it.