How to Attach an Ice Axe Leash

What You'll Need
Ice axe

The ice ax is a piece of equipment that is vital when traveling on snowy and ice-packed mountains. It is multipurpose and lets you wander around all types of ice and snow. The axe’s apparent role is to grant balance or as a security to avoid falling. Listed below is a step by step instruction on how to safely attach the leash to the axe.

The leash attached to the carabiner hole on the axe is what fastens it on your body. You may either place it around your wrist or to the harness attached to you to make sure that you do not lose it. It is composed of nylon webbing and the length depends on you. When you are attaching the leash to the ice axe, you must be very careful, for a lost axe during an ice travel can be fatally dangerous.

Step 1 – Short or Long Leash

Decide on the length of the leash.

Step 2 - Knotting

Tie up the two ends together using the double knot style.

Step 3- Connect It to the Axe

Place one side of the loop to the hole at the base of the axe, then passing it inside the loop's hole, making sure that you pull it tightly.

Step 4 – Connect It to Your Wrist

Attach the other end of the loop to your wrist, making sure that the loop’s hole is small enough to fit your hand and does not slip off your palm.

Step 5 – Securing the Knot

Tie it once more using a double knot style for the wrist loop.