How to Attach an Outdoor Clothes Line to Your House

What You'll Need
Wood screws
Step ladder
Clothesline rope (UV Resistant)

Learning how to attach an outdoor clothes line to your house will save you money from having to dry the clothes. Doing laundry can be a long process especially if you let the clothes pile up. Everyone has their own process when it comes to doing laundry because what works best for one person, doesn't always work best for others. An old-fashioned and still very popular way of doing laundry is hanging clothes outside to dry. It helps the clothes to stay wrinkle free and you are drying your clothes without having to use your electricity.

Step 1- Screw the wooden screws into the tree.

Make sure that you have enough space between the trees for the desired length of the rope. You want to make sure you can fit a good amount of clothes on the line. Tie the rope tightly onto the hooks, remember that we clothes are heavy and the tighter the rope the more support it will hold

Step 2- Attach pulley

The first pulley should be attached to a tree or a sturdy surface other than your home. Attach the 2nd pulley to your back door or your porch so that it will be in a circular motion when pulling the clothes for easier access. Insert the rope around both of the pulleys and secure the ends together with a knot.

Step 3- Hang your clothes to dry.

You can use the clothes pin to hang the clothes dry or you can hang the clothes over the rope. Whichever you prefer will be fine. You can also hang a lower rope as you did the first rope for children clothing. This may be ideal for them to help you out. They can put their clothes on the rope or they can remove the clothes by themselves.