How to Attach Casters to an Adjustable Work Table How to Attach Casters to an Adjustable Work Table

What You'll Need
Caster set
Safety glasses
Wood glue

An adjustable work table comes with various features. The height can be adjusted with the help of a manual or hand crank. Electric adjustments can also be done. The work table can be moved around easily by adding casters. Casters can be attached at the bottom of the legs of any furniture item. Since the caster can turn in any direction, it helps while moving the work table around. 

Step 1: Position the Work Table

Place the work table upside down such that the legs are in the air and the surface is touching the floor. Ensure that the work surface is free of any items. If there are any drawers, they should be emptied. Enlist the help of people around you if the worktable is too heavy for you to place it upside down on your own.

Step 2: Sanding

Ensure that the legs of the worktable are clean of any dust and grime that may have accumulated over a period of time by cleaning it with a piece of cloth. Use sandpaper to sand and clean the bottoms of the legs of the worktable. This will level their surface and ensure that there are no uneven ridges.

Step 3: Purchase Casters

Take the dimensions of the legs of the table and the caster wheels that will be required. Visit the local hardware store and buy four casters. Each caster will go at the bottom of each of the legs. You have the option of selecting from free rolling and locking casters. Locking casters can be locked down so that they do not move. An ideal combination will be to have two free rolling casters and two locking casters. This will be useful when you do not want to move the furniture frequently.

Step 4: Drill Hole

Drill a hole at the bottom of a leg of the worktable. The hole will need to be as long as the shaft that comes along with the caster. The width of the hole will need to be less than the circumference of the caster’s shaft. Repeat for all the legs of the table. Use gloves and safety glasses during this process.

Step 5: Glue and Fix

Put a small amount of wood glue inside the drilled hole of each leg. Press the caster shaft inside the hole firmly.

Step 6: Turn Table Back Up

Turn the table right side up. Ensure that this is done only after all the four casters have been mounted. In case you just have a couple of casters in place and you turn the table up, the uneven pressure can cause the casters to break up.

Some Tips

  • Do not use casters on wooden items of furniture if the wood is not of good quality
  • If the work bench is made of steel, then the nuts and bolts should also be steel

The casters have now been attached to the adjustable work bench making it easy for you to move it around.

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