How to Attach Chicken Wire to a Chain Link Fence

What You'll Need
Roll of chicken wire
Measuring tape
Tin snips or heavy duty cutting shears
Tin gauge metal wrapping wire
Wire cutters

If you want to attach chicken wire to an existing chain link fence to keep in small pets, you will need to know the best method for securing the thin gauge wire. The smaller holes in chicken wire make it an ideal solution for keeping in small kittens, baby rabbits or other small pets that can squeeze between the holes in a chain link fence. Attaching chicken wire to a regular chain link fence is much easier than you think, and this simple how-to guide will show you everything you need to know.

Step 1 - Measure Length of Fence

Before you can attach chicken wire to your chain link fence, you should measure the length of fence you'll be covering with the wire. So, use a measuring tape and measure the entire length of the fence line where you want to attach the chicken wire.

Step 2 - Mark Cutting Line on Chicken Wire

Roll out the chicken wire and use the measuring tape to measure the correct amount of wire to cut. Then, use a crayon to mark the cutting line for the chicken wire. Crayon is much easier to see than pencil or pen and will be easy to spot when using the snips or shears to cut the chicken wire.

Step 3 - Cut the Chicken Wire

Use the snips or shears and follow along the cutting line you made with the crayon and cut a piece of chicken wire to the appropriate length. Use wire cutters to trim off any sharp edges along the edge of the chicken wire.

Step 4 - Align and Attach Chicken Wire on Fence

Have someone help you line up the piece of chicken wire on the chain link fence. If the chicken wire is not the exact same height as the chain link fence, line up the chicken wire at the base of the fence. This is where your small pets will usually escape. So, it is not as important to align the chicken wire with the top of the fence as it is to align it with the bottom. Once you have the chicken wire in place, start cutting short strands of thin metal gauge wrapping wire and using them to secure the chicken wire to the fencing on the chain link fence. Keep the pieces of wire as short as possible while making sure they are twisted tight enough to be strong and secure.

Step 5 - Clip Twisted Wire Ends for Safety

Once you have the chicken wire attached to the chain link fence, you should go along the perimeter of the fence and make sure that wrapping wire is installed at all the places where it is needed. Also, take the wire cutters and trim the ends of the wrapping wire so that your small pets will not get cut or injured if they brush up against the wire.