How to Attach Climbing Rope to a Tree House

What You'll Need
2 lengths rope
Planks (for ladder rungs)
Measuring tape
Hole boring drill bit
Washers (2 per ladder rung)
2 Guage eyelets
2 Dog corkscrew tie-downs
2 C-handles

Giving access to a dream tree house to your children is possible by attaching a climbing rope from the house to the ground. This little escape haven from the walls of the house is the perfect place for snacks, story-telling and adventures. Whether it is for your kids’ entertainment or for an adult's utility, a good rope will take you there.

This fun and fulfilling addition will be used often so you have to take safety measures in consideration since most in-tree injuries occur while climbing up and down the ladder. By following the following instructions you will successfully attach your rope:

Step 1 – The Ladder Rungs

It is important that when you purchase the wood for your ladder rungs that you choose quality pressure treated planks. Make the ladder rungs by measuring, marking and cutting the 1-by-4 feet planks. Drill  a ½ inch hole, two inches from each end of each rung and sand the edges of these holes.

Step 2 – Attachments for Installation

Measure the distance of the eyelets at least two inches wider than the ladder rungs. Drill and install the upper eyelets into the top base of the tree house. On the ground insert the dog corkscrew tie-downs to act as mooring. Take in consideration the length of the ladder and give appropriate climbing pitch. Put the corkscrews more than one foot back from the top climbing anchor and at least two inches wider apart from the ladder rungs.

Step 3 – Making the Sides of the Ladder

By starting at the bottom of the lengths of rope leave extra length in the end to secure to the corkscrew as a mooring. Tie a knot at the bottom of the first rope and make the first ladder rung in the desired height. Match the second length of rope to the first by placing corresponding knots at corresponding distances. Thread the second rope into the other side of the ladder rung. Now the climbing ropes are ready.

Step 4 – Placing the Ladder Rungs

Set the distance between the ladder rungs to accommodate the size and weight of the children using it. Tie the next knot with your measurement from the top of the first ladder rung to the knot. Place a washer onto each knot followed by a ladder rung. Repeat until the length of the rope ladder is ready.

Step 5 – Mooring the Rope

It is recommended to moor to the ground the ladder rope since it makes climbing much easier. Fit the bottom of the ladder rope to the corkscrews and pull it tightly. Anchor the top eyelets in the base and cut any extra rope. Tape the ends off with duct tape so the rope stays intact.

Step 6 – Safety Grip

With screws, install the C-handles on the base near the top of the tree house. This is a safety measure to help the children enter the tree house.