How to Attach Fabric to Your Roller Shades

What You'll Need
Roller window shade to fit your window
Elmers glue or any white glue that becomes clear when dry
Paint brush
Fabric to cover your window shade
Paper clips, binder clips or spring clothespins to hold down the edges til they dry
Tape measure or yardstick

If you are looking for a custom look for your rooms, but you need to stick to a budget, then learning how to attach fabric to your roller shades will give you a custom look for a low price. It takes simple items that are easily available or you may already have. You can also use shades that are already on your windows if they aren't torn or damaged.

Step One

Measure the length and width of your window shade so you know what size to cut your fabric. Cut fabric to fit either the inside or outside of the roller shade or both. Most people like to have the fabric on the inside facing the room and to leave the outside a solid color as this is more appealing from the street view of your house. Also if you only put fabric on one side of the roller shade it will be easier to operate as it won't be as bulky. Use a very light weight cotton or cotton blend fabric. Don't use heavy upholstery type fabrics, velvets, wools or corduroy as they are too thick and your roller shade won't work properly.

Step Two

Lay your roller shade on a flat surface that is covered with plastic. Don't use newspaper because if the newsprint gets wet from the glue, the printing can transfer onto your fabric and ruin it. Liberally coat the side you're going to cover with the white glue. Make sure all areas are covered and no spaces are left dry.

Step Three

Starting at the center and working to the bottom of the roller shade, smooth the fabric onto the surface evenly and work out any creases or air bubbles as you go. Do the same from the center to the top of the shade. Use the clips along the edge to hold the fabric flat until it completely dries. Check the roller shade occasionally as its drying to make sure there are no new bubbles or creases.

Step Four

Once the fabric is dried completely, put a coating of white glue over the top of the fabric to seal it and allow it to dry. Remove the clips than do the edges making sure they are coated well. This will keep the fabric from fraying as its handled. If this shade won't be rolled up and down a lot, you can skip this step and spray a matte sealant along these edges.

More Ideas

If you want a decorator look, you can apply upholstery fringe, ball fringe, ric rac or bead trim along the edge of the shade. Another good designer look is to determine the center of the bottom edge and add a large upholstery tassle. You can also find clear plastic protectors to put on the edge of the shade to grasp when you raise and lower the shade to prevent wear and soiling.