How to Attach Flooring Carpet Tiles

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Attaching flooring carpet tiles is an easy DIY project; its preparation, however, takes a lot of time. Unfortunately, you cannot skip the planning stage. Careful preparation ensures professional-looking results. The steps below will show you how to properly attach flooring carpet tiles.


Measure the entire area of the floor and ascertain the center point of the floor. This will serve as your guide when planning the design or patterns and attaching the carpet tiles. Choose a good carpet color that matches the internal mood of the room. For example, you can choose to attach one color or two colors to form a checkerboard design. Other patterns can also be made by carefully planning the location of certain carpet tiles of different colors. The design can be drawn by hand or by using computer software such as AutoCAD.

Locating the Center of the Floor

Remove any furniture. Clean the surface with a vacuum cleaner or a broom and remove any adhesive still sticking onto its surface. To locate the center of the floor, search for the center of two opposite walls and snap the chalk liner between them. Repeat the process on the other two opposite walls. The center can be found on the intersection of the two intersecting lines forming four quadrants.

Lay the Carpets

Lay the carpet tiles on the floor to see how they would look after they are installed. Attaching the tiles can put pressure on the knees, so use kneepads as an option. Lay the tiles starting on the intersecting lines. The edges of the first four carpet tiles should touch the intersecting lines. Lay the succeeding tiles according to the pattern initially planned. Be sure that the tiles touch each other edge to edge. Check if the design is good enough. To fit the tiles on the point where the floor meets the walls, cut the tiles accordingly using a carpet cutter and a straight edge. Make sure to do this on a flat surface.

Attaching the Carpet Tiles to the Floor

Some models are easy to attach to the floor because they are pre-glued. Check the backing paper on the underside of the tiles. Remove the backing paper from the underside and carefully position each tile above the floor. Gently lay it down and press it firmly. Use a carpet roller to ensure the entire surface is attached flat.

Repeat the same process on the other tiles until the entire floor is covered with carpet. If the tiles do not come with pre-glued undersides, purchase the adhesive separately from a local store. Apply the adhesive carefully on the underside of each piece as per the manufacturer’s instructions and attach them to the floor in the same manner as described above. Allow the glue to dry for about 24 hours before putting back the furniture.