How to Attach Gel Motorcycle Seats How to Attach Gel Motorcycle Seats

What You'll Need
Replacement seat or replacement cover
Hex wrench (or other wrench as needed)

Riders who take their bikes out on the road often will wear out their motorcycle seats. The other issue is comfort. Maybe your backside is sore during or after a ride. One possible solution is getting a new seat or seat cover. There are many to choose from that increase comfort including lambs wool. But the high tech seats have a gel that cushions you as you ride. You can easily replace your seat or add a seat cover.

Install a New Gel Seat

If your seat is getting beat up then it might be more appealing to just replace it with a whole new seat, and choose a gel one to install. The process for installing a gel seat is much the same for installing any new seat. The steps are laid out below.

Step 1 - Remove the Old Seat

Remove any bolts hold in the seat in place. Take the old seat out by sliding it back and out of the bracket. Pull it up and off of the bike.

Step 2 - Install the New Seat

Hold down any wiring under the seat. Slide the new seat on angling it down toward the front of the bike and sliding it into the bracket.

Step 3 - Secure the Seat

Be sure that the seat is covering the screw holes under the back end of the seat. Lift up the edge of the seat and screw in the fasteners that hold the seat onto the bike. Tighten securely. Often you need a hex wrench to screw these in.

Step 4 - Test the Seat

Grasp the seat and make sure there is no movement in it. If there is then you need to tighten the screws some more or the seat in not in the brackets properly.

Add a Gel Seat Cover

If your seat is in good shape and you are just looking for extra padding then you can install a motorcycle seat cover and increase your riding comfort.

Step 1 - Choose the Seat Cover

There are many options to choose from when getting a gel seat cover. Go to a dealer that will let you try them out on a motorcycle seat in the shop. Be sure you are getting a cover that works on your existing bike seat.

Step 2 - Read the Instructions

You seat cover will come with directions for that particular seat. Read through the instructions before you begin. You can leave the seat in place. You are just adding a cover over the top.

Step 3 - Remove the Old Cover

If you have an existing seat cover then take it off.  Undo the buckle or strap and take off the elastic band that hold is on.

Step 5 - Install the New Cover

Gel seats are installed in much the same way as other seat covers. Take the cover out of the package. Place the new cover on the seat and make sure it is on straight. Pull the elastic band around it and hook up any buckles or connectors. Some other kinds of covers have you pull a cord to cinch the cover down instead of using an elastic strap.

Now you are ready to take a spin and see how your new seat or seat cover helps make the ride that much more comfortable.

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