How to Attach Iron on Patches to a Shirt

Iron on patches are an excellent way to customize an article of clothing, bag, or backpack. Here are a few tips to prevent you from making easily avoidable mistakes when using iron ons.

First, wash whatever you are going to use your patch on. It is important for it to be clean, and to shrink now, if it is going to. Next, place your transfer design where you want it. Make sure the steam is turned off-water can make iron transfers less effective at this stage. Use the iron on the patch. Pressure doesn't matter, and movement only helps make the transfer stay flat, so you don't need to push hard or move very much. Check to see if the transfer is attached properly after one minute. Don't iron for more than a total of two minutes.

You can extend the life of your iron on patch by being careful. Putting it through a dryer can damage an iron on patch over time, so use a low setting or air dry if you can.