How to Attach Lattice Panels to Brick

What You'll Need
Masonry screws
Lattice panels
Measuring tape
Brackets or hooks

Attaching lattice panels to brick isn't as difficult as you may think. Many people do attach them to their brick to enhance the overall look and feeling of their yard and home. Attaching lattice panels to brick isn’t a hard job at all. There are a few tools that you will need, along with some steps that can help to guide you through the process.

Step 1 - Map It Out

Before actually drilling into the wall or brick, you will want to use a measuring tape as well as the panels to map out where everything will go. It is much easier to measure a few times so that you only have to do the cutting once. The best way to measure is to get both the height and the width. When you measure both the height and the width, you will want to measure in about 3 different spots so that you can make sure that it is even all of the way around. Typically you will get the same measurements within a few centimeters. Sometimes though, you will find that the surface you are attaching to is very uneven and you didn’t even know. When this happens, you can just adjust accordingly.

Step 2 - Drill

Now that you know where you want the lattice panels to be, you can attach brackets if need be. Use a drill and attach brackets to hold in the lattice with masonry screws. While the bracket you are using will depend on the kind that you buy, many brackets are similar. For almost all brackets, you will just need to line the screw up with the hole in the bracket and use the drill to secure it in. Make sure that it is tight enough that it doesn’t move around. If some of the brackets are just a little loose, the lattice may move around and not be secure enough.

Step 3 - Attach Lattice

You can either slip the lattice panels into the brackets or you can screw them to the brick themselves. To do the latter, you will need to have someone help you to hold up the lattice panel to the brick. Make sure that it is completely straight as you will only get one try to do it right. Then drill right through the panel and brick with a masonry screw.

If you find that the lattice is too short, then you can remeasure and add to the length or width by just applying more brackets and then cutting the lattice to the right size to hook onto them. If you find that it is too long, then after measuring again, you can use a saw and a partner to hold the lattice securely and cut off the excess from either side that it may be on. Be sure that you are maintaining the lattice once you have it up so that you can elongate its life. A wash every few weeks should suffice.