How to Attach Seamless Gutters to Your House

Once you make seamless gutters with your own seamless gutter machine, or have them made for you by a professional who owns such a machine, you can then attach the gutters to your home.

Seamless gutters offer a smooth and finished look, and require fewer pieces of hardware to install than standard gutters. Aside from these differences, the installation process is similar to that for other types of gutters.

Step One – Measure

While you have likely measured carefully before you began the process of having seamless gutters made, you will need to measure in order to put them in the right places.

If you made a sketch of the lengths of gutters and downspouts needed in each area, you can simply look at the sketch and measure the seamless gutters pieces that you have ready to install to find the ones needed.

Step Two - Mark the Eaves

Use a chalk string or other marking device to note the location where you wish to install the gutters.

Remember that a gutter going along a long section of roof needs to be sloped so that the water runs properly to the downspout. The appropriate amount of drop is ¼ inch for ever 10 feet of gutter.

The easiest way to mark this drop is to use two lines every 10 feet. First mark a 10 foot line at the starting height, then mark a line ¼” below that line. This shows you the proper slope for that first 10 feet.

If the gutter extends past 10 feet, mark a line out 10 feet at the height of the lower marking. Then add another line ¼ inch under that one to indicate the drop.

Step Three – Bracket Hangers
Using the chalk lines you previously snapped on the home, hang the brackets, if they are exterior brackets. This is determined by the style of gutter you are installing. For example, half round gutter, a traditional look found especially on classic homes, use the exterior brackets. K-style gutters, however, use an interior bracket.

Whichever style of bracket you use, make sure to start with the higher chalk lines in the center of the house and run toward the lower chalk lines as you get toward the downspout.

There should be a bracket 6 inches from the end of every piece of gutter, then approximately every 18” to 24” after that.

Bracket hangers generally attach with wood screws for a secure hold. If you have half round gutters, snap them into place after installing the brackets. If you have k-style or other brackets, you will have been installing the pieces of gutter as you go.

Either way, put end caps on the end of the gutter that does not got to a downspout.

For long pieces of seamless gutter, it is much simpler to have a second person assisting you, holding the long pieces of gutter in place as you attach it to the brackets.

Step Four – Downspouts and Elbows
Once the gutters are in place, attach the elbows at the end, being sure that they face the appropriate direction for water flow.

Secure downspouts and direct water away from the house.