How to Attach Shingles to Brick House Siding

Brick house siding.
What You'll Need
Brick screws
1x3 wood

It is possible to create a brick house siding on your home by covering your existing brick exterior with siding or shingles. Siding requires the use of nails to attach to the exterior of a home. Nailing anything into brick can be problematic, but with a few simple steps, you can easily cover your brick with siding or shingles to create the desired look for your home.

Step 1 - Seal Brick

Start this project by sealing the brick exterior of your home. You will need to seal and repair all cracks and damage to the brick by filling with the caulk.

Step 2 - Attach Wood Base

Begin by drilling primer holes through your wood and into the mortar between two bricks. Next, attach the wood to the brick by using masonry screws. Repeat these steps to create a wood base on top of your brick that the siding or shingles can be attached to.

Step 3 - Install Siding or Shingles

Now you can install the shingles or siding by attaching them directly to the wood base as you would when working with any other type of home exterior. If you wish to add an extra layer of insulation to your home, you can install foam installation between the brick and siding or shingles in this step of the project.