How to Attach Silk Drapes to a Rod How to Attach Silk Drapes to a Rod

What You'll Need
Curtain rod kit (with brackets and screws)
4 to 6 anchors for your screws (depending on kit)
Compact drill with small drill bit and Phillips or standard bit (will vary upon rod kit)
Measuring tape

Curtain rods have as many types and styles as they have pros and cons, and hanging silk drapes to any random one can be a trying process because of snags that can occur when you’re trying to slide the drape panel onto the rod. If you buy a rod with finished ends, however, you should have no problems hanging them at all.

While worrying about snags, pulls, rips and tears, you also have to account for the slippery nature of silk that could lead to added frustration. By choosing the right curtain rod and using a gathering technique you can easily put silk drapes on a curtain rod.

Step 1 – Install Curtain Rod Brackets

While the individual steps for installing your curtain rod brackets will differ, the steps are essentially the same, whether for long curtains or short ones, for sheers or for heavy drapes.

Measure the length above your window, and mark where you intend your brackets to sit. The brackets hold up the curtain rod.

Hold your bracket up to the first side and mark where the screws will go, and use your drill and small drill bit to drill holes in those spots. Some brackets require two screws on each side, while others will require more, so drill accordingly.

The holes should be about the size of the screws, but don’t put your screws in them. Repeat this process on the other side, and then start working with your anchors.

Tap your anchors into these holes with the hammer, taking care not to harm the drywall or paint on your wall. Once the anchors are in, it’s time to put up your brackets.

Line your bracket up to the anchored holes, and begin drilling the screws into the brackets and anchors with a screwdriver bit. Your kit can call for either Phillips (crosshead) or standard (flathead) bits, so use them accordingly. Repeat this process until both brackets are up on your wall.

Hang your curtain rod on the brackets to make sure everything’s even. When you’re certain, take it down, and begin to slide the drapes on the rod.

Step 2 – Put Drapes On Rod

The best way to hang drapes onto a rod would be to sit down with it and hold the rod up in front of you, so that it’s vertical. Tip it slightly to the side, and take the end of the curtain with which you want to start. Put just the end on the rod, and rather than sliding it down all the way, start bunching your curtain on the end of the rod. Repeat this until the entire curtain is on the rod. It should be bunched up on the end of the rod, sort of like a sock going on your foot being bunched up at your toes before you pull it up.

Slide the curtain over and repeat the process for your second panel.

Now you’re ready to hang the rod back up.

Step 3 – Hang Up Curtains

Put the rod onto the brackets, and spread your drapery panels out over the rod to suit your decorating tastes.

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