How to Attach Table Legs to a Solid Wood Table

What You'll Need
4 table legs
Tape measure
L-shaped braces

A solid wood table need legs to be really useful. It’s not difficult to put these onto the table as long as you know what you’re doing.

Step 1 - Measuring

You don’t want to have the legs for the sold wood table right on the corners. What you need to do is measure in 2 inches from each edge. Draw a line around the entire edge of the solid wood table 2 inches in from the edge. The corners of this are where you’ll place your table legs. Make sure all the corners you’ve created are square. Check that all four of your table legs are exactly the same length.

Step 2 - Placement

Apply glue to one end of each table leg and put in place. Go one by one, holding in place until the glue begins to set and check with a level to ensure each leg is straight. Once each leg has dried, use an L-shaped brace to give further strength. Attach one side of the brace to the leg and the other to the underside of the solid wood table.