How to Attach the Tongue to a Wooden Wagon

What You'll Need
Wooden wagon
Tape measure

If you are building a wooden wagon, then the most complicated part of your assembly could be the tongue. This is the handle which will be used to pull the wagon around, and can be very easily pulled apart, as there is a lot of stress and strain upon the tongue. In order to properly assemble the tongue of your wooden wagon, you will need to calculate exactly how to attach it to the front of the wagon without causing too many problems. This is not very difficult, and you should be able to complete this project by following a few simple steps.

Step 1 - Measure the Tongue

In order to install the tongue correctly onto your wooden wagon, you will need to make sure that you position it accurately to begin with. Start by measuring the tongue. If you have a Y-shaped tongue, then you will need to measure the distance between each of the prongs. With a straight tongue, you will have to measure the distance between one side of the tongue and the other when it is in position on the wooden wagon. Make a note of these measurements.

Step 2 - Make Some Holes

Using the measurements that you have taken from your tongue, mark on the front of your wooden wagon where you want the tongue to go. You might connect it to the axle support on the wagon, or you might choose to simply install it on the very front of the wagon. Once you have marked where the holes need to go, use your drill to make a hole. These holes need to be parallel, so that the tongue will be installed in a straight line.

Step 3 - Add Brackets

You can now add the brackets. If you are fitting a Y shaped tongue, then you will need 4 angle brackets, two for each of the prongs on your tongue. Use your drill to install these in the positioned marked, with enough space between the brackets for the prongs to sit comfortably. If you are using a straight tongue, then you will need 2 angle brackets, with enough distance between them to make sure that you can fit the body of the tongue in the gap.

Step 4 - Insert the Tongue

You can then continue by inserting the tongue. Hold it in position while you line it up with the holes in the top of the brackets. Using your drill, add a screw through each hole in the brackets, until the tongue is held securely in place. You should be able to let go of the tongue after you have added the first couple of screws, but you will need to add enough of these to keep the tongue securely fixed to the wagon. Make sure that you have installed enough screws in the wagon side of the angle brackets, too.