How to Attach Utility Shelves to Drywall How to Attach Utility Shelves to Drywall

What You'll Need
L-bracket shelf supports
4-foot level
Tape Measure
3-inch drywall screws
5/8-inch wood screws
Drill and screwdriver bit

Utility shelves are not valued for the elegance or beauty of the system. Rather, the utilitarian design is prized above all else. For this reason, choosing the most economical installation is the key for placement of utility shelves. Generally located in a garage, basement or laundry room, and used most for storage of bulk items, it is essential that the shelf and brackets be sized to accommodate the intended load.


Step 1 - Mark Shelf Bracket Placement

With a stud finder, locate the studs to attach the L-brackets for the utility shelves. This will provide for the sturdiest system. To allow for placement of multiple shelves, use a level as a guide and mark vertical lines on the wall at the studs with a pencil. Mark the elevation of bracket placement for each shelf, measuring from the top of the bottom shelf to the bottom of the next shelf, continuing up to the top shelf.

Step 2 - Install L-Brackets

Begin with the left bracket for the bottom shelf; install using 3-inch drywall screws per manufacturer’s directions. If you cannot locate the shelves along studs, use appropriately rated drywall anchors. With the level, mark the elevation of the right side bracket. Install as for left bracket. Set shelf, centered on the L-brackets, and check for level (both directions). Fasten the shelf with 5/8-inch wood screws, from underneath the shelf through the brackets.

Step 3 - Repeat

Repeat Steps 1 and 2 until all the shelves have been installed. Alternatively, use a wall cleat and vertical post system, which is more complicated and not covered in this installation guide for utility shelves, but is also a viable DIY project.

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