How to Attach Window Valances to a Wall Bracket

What You'll Need
Wall Bracket (L Shaped)
Drywall Anchors
2-Inch Screws
Drill Bits
Phillips Screw Head
Step Ladder

-Window valances are used atop of many window treatments to add a sense of decorative flair. They are short pieces of fabric that hang on a separate rod over the top of the drape being used. It creates both a cascading effect and a frame around the drape. If you have a heavy or elaborate valance, you should install it into wall brackets for strength and sturdiness. Follow the steps below to effectively attach a window valance to a wall bracket.

Step 1: Determine Position of Wall Bracket

The window valance goes over the top of the curtain rod. In many cases, there are will be the need for an extra curtain rod to hang the valance fabric. Set up a step ladder near the window. Hold the valance on top of the curtain rod and make a mark at approximately the right height, either in the center or in the corners. Make sure the valance is 2 to 3 inches above the curtain rod in case you must remove it. 

Step 2: Draw Level Line for Brackets

Depending on how long the window valance is going to be, you will need to use one 'L' shaped bracket on each end and one in the center. If the valance is over 6 feet long, then use 2 more brackets, one at the midpoint between the edge and the center point.

Where you made the mark for the valance, set a level on the wall and draw a level line from one end to the other. Remember that the window valances will protrude beyond the curtain rod another 4 inches on each end. 

Step 3: Drill Pilot Holes in Wall

Place a bracket 2 inches in from the edge of where the end of the valance will be with the top on the line that you drew. Mark the two holes where the screws will go. Do the same with a bracket in the center, and then on the other edge. Use a drill bit that has a little less diameter than the hole and drill a pilot hole. 

Step 4: Install Drywall Anchors

Once the pilot holes are done, tap in the drywall anchors that will secure the screws for the valance. If you drill into a stud, then you will not need to do this part.

Step 5: Secure Brackets to Wall

Hold up a bracket onto the wall where the 2 pilot holes were drilled. Use a drill with a Phillips screw head to drive 2 screws into the bracket. Make sure it is straight and tight. Repeat until all brackets are secured.

Step 6: Mark Holes on Valance

Life up the valance and let it rest on the brackets. Center the valance on the brackets and then mark where the screw holes are under the top edge.

Step 7: Drill Pilot Holes

Hold the drill straight, and drill small pilot holes to attach the valance to the brackets.

Step 8: Attach Window Valances to Wall Brackets

Place the valance onto the wall brackets again and drive the screws into place. They should be ½-inch wood screws.