How to Attatch a Drywall Corner Bead

What You'll Need
Drywall corner bead
Utility knife
Heavy duty shears or scissors
Joint compound
Drywall nails
10-inch taping knife
6-inch taping knife
Sanding block
Fiberglass mesh tape
Measuring tape

Drywall corner bead is that smooth area on outside corners of finished drywall. The drywall corner bead is actually under that drywall. What serves as a foundation for the drywall corner bead is usually made out of metal or plastic. Attaching a drywall corner bead is very simple. The part of the job that is more complicated is creating that finished, smooth look. The article that follows will explain how to install and then prepare a drywall corner bead.

Step 1 – Drywall Panels

If you are aware that you will be attaching a drywall corner bead you will need to make sure the drywall is prepared. In order for the drywall corner bead to remain perfectly flat, trim the drywall. Place the drywall corner bead in the corner. Use a pencil and draw a line straight down using both edges of the beading as a guide. Remove the bead and then trim the drywall with a utility knife in one smooth cut. Repeat this process until the drywall corner bead fits in place flat.

Step 2 – Trim the Drywall Corner Bead

Drywall corner bead is only effective if the drywall corner bead is of the correct size. To do this accurately you will need to measure the wall. Place the measuring tape at the top of the wall. Make sure it is straight then pull the measuring tape down to the floor. Write down the measurement. Transfer that measurement to the drywall corner bead minus 2 inches to ensure the metal drywall bead will fit. Use the scissors or shears to cut the drywall corner bead.

Step 3 – Install the Drywall Corner Bead

When installing drywall corner bead it needs to be even and centered. Place the drywall corner bead in the corner you are going to be working on. Make sure the metal drywall bead is properly seated in the corner and centered so that there is an inch gap at both ends. Attach the drywall corner beading with a drywall nail through the wall stud. Place 1 nail every 12 inches. This will hold the drywall corner bead in place and will help to prevent buckling.

Step 4 – Drywall Mud

Prior to mudding the drywall corner bead you first need to apply the fiberglass tape. Start at the top of the corner by removing a small amount of the backing and then affixing it. As you move the tape down the corner, remove the backing. Once the mesh is in place you can begin mudding. Use the 6-inch taping knife and apply a thick coat of the joint compound to the corner. Pull the knife down the corner of one wall and then repeat with the second wall. Make sure that the edges are even and straight and that the compound is free of globs and other problems. Let the compound dry and then sand it down. Repeat 2 more times.