How to Attract Birds into Your Decorative Birdhouse

Decorative birdhouses that have bright colors on the exterior are much more likely to attract birds than birdhouses that are plain wood or metal. Since birds are attracted by color and shape, painting flowers on your birdhouse will beacon a wide variety of birds to your yard.

Choosing the Birdhouse

In addition to being attractive, you'll want to choose a birdhouse that is well made. Look for a model that is sturdy, with no loose pieces of wood or metal. It should also have a strong hanger, and be built to last more than just a few years. If painted, spray the outside with an extra layer of protective clear shellac. Make sure the birdhouse you choose has an covered opening in the back that can be easily removed for cleaning.

Functionality of the Birdhouse

The birdhouse that you purchase should also have openings that is just large enough for the birds, but too small for squirrels. Birds will make their nest in the birdhouse to protect their eggs from predatory animals. You can purchase several different birdhouses depending on the type of birds you want to attract. For example, cardinals prefer platform birdhouses, while bluebirds and chickadees favor log birdhouses.