How To Attract Goldfinches To Your Yard How To Attract Goldfinches To Your Yard

Between their high energy levels, aerial acrobatics, and beautiful plumage, goldfinches can be quite fun to watch. For those that want to see more of these wonderful birds around, there are some simple steps that can be taken to bring them to your yard.


Plant Flowers

Goldfinches love sunflowers and will pretty much flock to them and spend all day pecking for the sunflower seeds. Planting some of these in your yard is an easy way to attract goldfinches. Thistle flower, salvia, hyssop, and zinnias are just a few of the other flowers that goldfinches enjoy feeding on.


Finch Feeders

If you’re not much of a green thumb and don’t wish to are for sunflowers, buying a finch feeder is another easy option. For bird food, the see is commonly called thistle seed but the actual type used in a goldfinch feeder is the nyjer seed. When choosing your seed, try to find something that isn’t mixed with non-seed materials (as many of them are) because they will tend to clog up the feeder.

Also, studies have shown that goldfinches prefer feeders at least 4 or 5 feet off the ground, and ones that are narrower with more perches. The running theory is that narrow feeders allow them to see oncoming predators, and more perches allow them to feed in groups, all of which contribute to their comfort level at your feeder.


Protective Cover

Goldfinches are also fond of protective cover from predators, such as cats. Dense shrubs (such as rose bushes) and pine trees make excellent cover for them.

Remember, it may take a few weeks for the goldfinches to discover your goldfinch-friendly yard, but once they do, you’ll be provided with hours of bird watching beauty!

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