How to Avoid Dryer Vent Fumes

Dryer vent fumes can be harmful as the exhaust contains some carbon monoxide as well as fumes containing dust and other particles that can aggravate allergies. A lot of this depends on if your dryer is working correctly and if you are properly cleaning the ducts out. Here are a few helpful tips to avoid having issues with these fumes.

Step 1 - See If Your Dryer is Working Properly

A good indicator that the dryer needs to be checked for cleaning is if there is heat coming from the dryer, but it takes longer for the clothes to dry. If this isn't the case or there are some other indicators of malfunction call the manufacturer or repairman.

Step 2 - Clean Out the Lint Trap

The lint trap inside the dryer needs to be cleaned out after every time a cycle is run. This is the easiest way to avoid dryer vent fumes.

Step 3 - Inspect the Duct Connected to the Back of the Dryer

Pull off or unscrew the duct connected to the back of the dryer. Some lint and other debris can accumulate over time right at the place where the duct and the dryer meet. Simply use your hand to clear it out.

Step 4 - Check the Outside Dryer Vent

Unscrew the vent from the outside of your home.Check to make sure that there is no debris or that a bird or other animal has not used it to build its nest. Simply clear it out.