How to Avoid Hard Water Spots on Your Car How to Avoid Hard Water Spots on Your Car

Hard water spots appear on your car when you wash it with water heavy in minerals. When the water dries on the car, it forms small water spots that can be visible in the sunlight. If you continue to allow the water to dry in this manner, the minerals in the water will eventually effect the buffing and paint job. However, there are steps you can take to prevent hard water spots from forming when you wash your car.

Wiping the Car Exterior Dry

Each time you rinse the car after washing, use old towels to wipe the water off the car. Dry the painted portion, chrome, and plastic parts of the car like the bumper. Go over each part several times so no streaks of water are left as these can also leave marks with residue on the car's surface.

Keeping the Car Out of the Rain

Many people think a rain shower will wash off the dirt from the car. However, rain, like all ground water sources, can also contain a lot of minerals, as well as dust and dirt, and leave spots. If possible, store your car in the garage during rainstorms.


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