How to Avoid Ring around the Collar

Proper steps should be followed to avoid getting a ring around the collar. Necessary care and effort is required to eliminate a ring around your corner, making it a thing of the past. The below tips will help you achieve that.

  • Keep yourself physically clean. Shower daily. That will do wonders in keeping the grime off your neck. In addition, any dirt that has accumulated on your neck will be easily washed off. The best time to take a shower is in the mornings. That way you can ensure that oils do not accumulate over your neck and attract dirt.
  • Apply a stain removal or repellent on a freshly laundered shirt before wearing it. That will ensure a ring does not form around the neck.
  • When wearing a collared shirt, avoid all activities that could cause perspiration. It is then that dirt collects and forms around the collar as a ring. Make sure you are in an air conditioned room, or at least one that is well ventilated in the summer months. Avoid all those activities that require even the smallest bit of physical work in fancy, dress or formal shirts.
  • Wash your shirts immediately after you take them off. If you allow your shirt to remain unwashed after an extended period, a ring will set around the collar. Although it may seem a bother, the best way to avoid a collar ring is by washing your shirt as soon as you are done wearing it.
  • Wash your shirts with special detergent that are specifically formulated to dissolve rings around the collar.