How to Avoid Wooden Picture Frame Damage to Walls How to Avoid Wooden Picture Frame Damage to Walls

What You'll Need
Wood Glue
Metal Corners

If you have a large wooden picture frame, then you run the risk of damaging the wall behind it. These large frames can be very heavy, and can easily leave marks on the wall if they need to be moved. The corners of the wooden picture frame are particularly likely to cause this. In order to avoid causing damage to the wall, or tearing wallpaper, you should take some simple steps.

Step 1 - Add Protection

The simplest way to protect your wall from the wooden picture frame is to add some felt to the corners. Felt sheets can be bought from local craft shops, and then cut down to fit the corners. Use a pair of sharp scissors to ensure that the felt is cut through, rather than torn. Take some wood glue, and spread a little over the corner of your wooden picture frame. Press the felt down onto the frame, and secure it by placing a wooden board down over the corner. Repeat until all the corners of the frame are covered. Self-adhering felt circles can also be purchased almost anywhere.

Step 2 - Reposition the Nails

At the back of the frame will be a way to hang the picture, either by using a wire, or using picture hooks. Adding extra nails to the cord can make the frame more stable.

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