How to Backwash a Spa Filter

A spa is very relaxing, but you should remember to backwash the spa filter once a month. Because this is such an important process, most spas are equipped with a backwash system.

Step 1 – Turn Off Power

Turn off the filter pump

Step 2 – Multi Valve

Find the multi valve that is by the pump or the meter. You will recognise it because it is round and has a lever that can move up and down

Step 3 – Select Backwash

Press the lever down and turn it to the marked backwash position.

Step 4 – Run the Pump

Turn on the water pump for a minute and you will see dirty water as the reverse flow goes through the filter. Turn off the pump.

Step 5 – Reset Multi Valve

When the water is clear turn off the water pump and return the lever to the Spa positionif that isn’t marked, return it to the position it was before you changed it to backwash.

Step 6 – Job Done

Turn the pump back on and your spa is ready for business again.

Make backwashing your spa filter a part of your regular spa maintenance, but do it once a month at least or according to the manufacturer’s instructions in the manual.