How to Balance Your Motorcycle Tires How to Balance Your Motorcycle Tires

What You'll Need
Tire Iron
Floor Jack
Tire Weights
Wheel Lubricant

With well balanced motorcycle tires you will not only have a great ride, but will also be able to prolong their life. This means more money in your pocket as you do not need to change them as often. Many times balancing the motorcycle tires means that you must go to a shop to have it down. However, with some simple techniques you will be able to save even more money by doing this bit of maintenance yourself. 

Step 1: Remove Tire from Motorcycle

Set the motorcycle on a flat surface and use the floor jack to lift the front end slightly in the air. Use an air gun to remove the lug from the center of the wheel and hammer out the axle pin. Remove the pin and pull the wheel out from under the fender. 

Step 2: Set up Sawhorses

In order to do the work on your motorcycle tires you will need to set up two sawhorses on a flat, level surface. They will need to be side by side in order to spin the tire to balance it. Make sure that there is no variance from one sawhorse to the other. They must be perfectly level and flat in order to balance the tires.

Step 3: Remove Tire Weights

Using a little bit of tire lubricant and a weight tool, pull off the weights that are on the tire now. There may be anywhere from two to four different weights that are currently balancing the tire. 

Step 4: Insert Axle Pin 

After the weights are removed from the motorcycle tire you will then insert the axle pin back into the hub. Lift the tire onto the sawhorses and make sure it rests on the axle. The tire should be standing straight up without touching the floor. 

Step 5: Mark Bottom of Tire

Once you set the motorcycle tire on top of the supports it will turn and rest with the heaviest portion of the tire on the bottom. Use a marker and place a mark at the exact bottom of the tire. Turn the tire again to make sure that it stops in the right place. If not, then place another mark and test again. It should rest where the mark is. 

Step 6: Balance the Tire

With the bottom of the tire marked, move the tire again 180 degrees from the starting position and place a weight on the mark. Repeat in this fashion until the tire stays balanced in all positions. Once the weights are attached the wheel should stay still.

Step 7: Secure Weights

Using the weight tool again you can then secure them permanently to the tire by tapping them into place. Once they are all in position, recheck the balance again to make sure you did not move any of them. 

Step 8: Replace Motorcycle Tire

Once the tire is balanced you can then replace it back onto the motorcycle. Remember to use some axle grease before you set it back on the forks to ensure that it does not dry out as you are driving down the road.

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