How to Beautifully Upgrade with Decorative Concrete Aggregate How to Beautifully Upgrade with Decorative Concrete Aggregate

Decorative concrete is used in public places, commercial buildings and private houses, and is one of the most famous and fashionably growing markets in the world. Typically, using concrete aggregate is a creative idea for the up-gradation or remodeling of your house as it has practical, economic and visual benefits over its alternatives (such as granite and marble) and is virtually used for customized indoor and outdoor decorations, both.

Below are some of the tips you can use to upgrade your house with Decorative Concrete Aggregate.

Tip 1: Renew your Kitchen Countertops and Sink

Concrete countertops and sinks for your kitchen are a great idea if you think granite is too regular, shiny or formal as these counterparts not only come in customized colors, shapes and sizes but are also easy to handle and cheaper to maintain. The most unique feature of these concrete counterparts is that they aren’t just the boring-rectangular-shaped but are available with sleek curves and angles too. Add personalized aggregates to concrete so as to increase the final appeal of your countertops.

Tip 2: Accentuate your Bathroom

Use concrete aggregate fixtures for your restroom including bathroom countertops, wall tiles, floor tiles, shower surrounds and shower pans. These are a whole new range of options being explored by many as they give a personalized, refine and chic look but are comparatively less expensive then other conventional options (if the deign is not too intricate that is).

Tip 3: Refurbish your Floor and Fireplace

Use concrete aggregate to refurbish your house floor as it gives traditional concrete a breath of natural air and is also more durable than its alternatives. Add fancy stones like chips, pebbles, shells etc to make your floor look more attractive. Another option is adding glass in your concrete aggregate which makes your floor reflect light like a mirror and is environmentally friendly too (as the glass is made out of recycled material). Moreover, glass aggregate offers an endless color possibility and the option of building glowing diamond polished floors too. Using concrete aggregate to build your fireplace is also a feasible as well as a fancy idea as it is not only heat/damage resistant but also more visually appealing and modern.

Tip 4: Concrete Patio for your Backyard

Upgrading your backyard is a great way of investing to increase the value of your house. So, using concrete patio is a charming addition as it merges beautifully with the backyard environment and is available in a wide variety of textures, designs/patterns, sizes, colors and shapes. It also acts as a complement to additional services such as swimming pools, barbecue area and water features.

Tip 5: Rock Features, Waterfalls

Rock features and waterfalls are also a great way to enhance the beauty of your surroundings if you want to keep a natural and realistic look for your garden, entrance area or pool area and yet enhance its aesthetic appeal to a whole new level.

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