How to Bend a Copper Pipe

A copper pipe.
What You'll Need
Copper pipe
Propane torch
Marker or pencil
Measuring tape

If you are using a copper pipe for any of your work you will surely have to bend it to be able to use it around curves. There are a few ways you can bend a copper pipe; however, you need to be careful while bending it to avoid getting kinks in the copper pipe.

Step 1 - Buy the Copper Pipe

You can buy the copper pipe from your local hardware store. There are different sizes available, so make sure you know what size you need. You can also choose what length of copper pipe you need.

Step 2 - Measurements

Use a measuring tape to measure exactly where you want to bend the copper pipe.

Step 3 - Mark the Area

Use a marker or a pencil to mark the exact place you want to bend the copper pipe. If you need to bend the pipe in several places, mark those places as well.

Step 4 - Clamp the Pipe

Clamp the copper pipe to a table. If you are using a wooden table, attach the clamp away from the table’s surface to avoid it catching fire.

Step 5 - Wear Gloves

Wear gloves as the copper pipe will get hot while using the blow torch on it.

Step 6 - Use a Blow Torch

Use the blow torch to heat the copper pipe, when the pipe becomes red hot, turn off the blow torch.

Step 7 - Bend the Copper Pipe

Let the copper pipe cool down a bit so that you can touch it. Hold the copper pipe in your hands and bend it according to your needs.

Step 8 - Add Multiple Bends

Repeat step 6 and 7 if you require multiple bends on your copper pipe.

Step 9 - Avoid Kinks

Fill the copper pipe with sand after it has cooled down and then bend the pipe. This will not allow kinks on the copper pipe.

Step 10 - Loosen the Spring

Attach a piece of cord to the spring and insert it into the copper pipe, this will help not to lose the spring inside the copper pipe. The spring must span evenly in the area you want to bend it. Once the spring is in place, gently bend the pipe by pulling it around your knee. Do not use excessive force. Once done, remove the spring by pulling the cord.

Step 11 - Bend the Pipe

You can also use a pipe bender to bend a copper pipe. If your copper pipe is more than 15mm in diameter, you will need to use the pipe bender. Place the copper pipe in the correct channel and fit the ribbed block on the external edge, use the lever to put pressure on the block and continue levering till the pipe bends. When you reach the angle you require, release the lever and take out the pipe.

Step 12 - Finish

Repeat the same method in step 11 if you need multiple bends on your copper pipe that is 15mm or more in diameter.