How to Bend Acrylic to Form a Motorcycle Windshield

What You'll Need
Large acrylic or plexiglass sheet, one quarter to one third inch thin
Measuring tape
Standard scissors and Xacto knife
Large piece of paper (as big as the windshield itself) and markers
Miter saw
Drill and sandpaper

If you find that the wind or the bugs that you drive past are getting in the way of your driving abilities, or if you'd simply like to have a protective layer between your face and the road as you drive your motorcycle, consider buying a motorcycle windshield. These protective windshields function in much the same way as a car windshield, although they are not critical to the frame and design of the motorcycle itself. You can also use acrylic and other materials to form your own motorcycle windshield for installation on your vehicle by following these steps.

Step 1 - Measure the Existing Windshield, if Applicable

Begin by measuring the existing windshield on the motorcycle, if there is one. You'll also need to take note of where the assembly bolts and other fasteners are on the windshield or at the top of the handlebars of the motorcycle.

Step 2 - Cut Out Sample Windshield

Use a sharpie marker or other type of marker to measure out the full size of the windshield according to the measurements taken in the previous step. Draw out the windshield as a model on the piece of paper. Cut the windshield model out from the paper and be sure to note where any and all assembly bolts and other fasteners are located. This will serve as your template for designing the new windshield.

Step 3 - Cut Out and Bend New Windshield

Using your template as a guideline on the piece of acrylic, sketch out the new windshield design and use the miter saw to carefully cut it out. You'll also need to sand down the edges of the new windshield once it's done. You are then ready to bend the acrylic. This can oftentimes be done by hand, provided that the material is thin enough. If not, you'll need to use a vice and pliers to do so. Be sure that it matches the current bend of the windshield.

Step 4 - Drill Holes for the Assembly Bolts

Using your template once more, drill holes of the right size in the base of the windshield for the assembly bolts and any other fasteners. Before you'll be able to install the windshield itself, you'll need to remove these bolts, then reattach them with the windshield in place in order to secure it.

Ask a professional for assistance if you have any other questions or concerns about the process of making or bending your own acrylic windshield for a motorcycle. Auto body repair shops and specialty stores can be a great source of information in this regard as well, so these are also good places to go for additional information about this process.