How to Bend and Build a Wood Kneeling Chair Frame

What You'll Need
1/8 inch thin pieces of wood
Prepared form or mold
Four screws
Three wood clamps

Having succeeded in several wood projects, you might consider getting more creative and adventurous and build a kneeling chair frame. A wood kneeling chair frame requires some advanced woodworking techniques such as wood bending. Here are the steps you can follow while bending wood and then building it up to a perfect kneeling chair frame.

Step 1: Measure the Chair’s Dimensions

Draw up the design of the kneeling chair that you would like to build. From these designs, you can then measure the amount of wood material you need for the frame  and the dimensions of each piece, so that they can easily be combined into the ideal kneeling chair frame.

Step 2: Bend the Wood

There are several methods you can use to bend wood for the kneeling chair frame such as steam bending, laminated wood bending, kerf-cut bending and microwave steaming. The best method to use for the kneeling chair frame is the laminated wood bending which is easy and pretty reliable for a beginner.

Collect your thin pieces of wood and cut them into the shape of the pieces of the folded wood you need. These should measure around:

  • 50mm x 50mm x 1.2m
  • 50mm x 65mm x 1.4m
  • 10mm x 20cm x 20cm

Make sure that their dimensions are longer than the piece of wood needed, ultimately to cater for the trimming.

Apply wood glue on each of the surfaces that will be in contact with each other and then stack them up to the ideal thickness. Once this is done, insert the stack into the form or mold and then use the three clamps to hold them into shape at both ends and at the middle. Leave them there for at least 3 hours for the glue to dry.

Once the glue is dry, your wood piece will be already folded into the ideal design and all you have to do is to trim it to the appropriate length.

    Step 3: Form the frame

    Saw out two 50 mm x 65 mm x 40 cm pieces of the bent wood to form the chair’s feet and one 50 mm x 65 mm x 60 cm piece. Then saw out two 50 mm x 50 mm x 60 cm pieces for the struts. Use the three 60 cm pieces to make an X shape, and then place two thinner pieces to the outside of that X. Ensure that the thick piece of wood intersecting the X is at the ideal height of your kneeling chair.

      Step 4: Join the Wood

      • Once the ideal height is settled on, screw in four screws so that all the planks are joined at the intersection.
      • Then attach and screw the feet on the four ends of the X, ensuring that they are perpendicular to these struts. The X shaped frame should now stand with one side lower than the other.


      The best way to go about building a wood kneeling chair frame is to have an old chair you can replicate. Dismantle the old chair, and then measure and bend your wood to match its dimensions and design. You can then join up the wood frame without a problem. Once this is mastered the first time, you can then design any other type of kneeling chair, with intricate designs and wood bends to boot.