How to Bend PVC Pipe

What You'll Need
Tape measure
Black dry marker
Radius forms
(2) 2x4 pieces of wood
Heat gun
Wet cloth

A project may require you to bend PVC pipe. By doing this at home, you can save on lots of money. This is because specially performed PVC pipe fittings can be expensive.  Read on for a systematic guide that will explain how the PVC pipe can be bent by yourself.

Step 1: Make Markings

Use the tape measure and dry marker to mark the point where the centre would be places. The easiest way to do this is by placing another mark 10 inches on both sides of the middle mark of the bend. This would be the area where heat must be applied using the heat gun.

Step 2: Placing Radius Forms

Place the radius forms adjacent to the pipe that would be heated. The closer the can is kept; easier would be the process of bending the pipe. The can must be kept with the open side facing upwards.

Step 3: Laying Wood Pieces

Lay the two wood pieces in such a way that the heat area is inside the boundary of the pipes and the pipe is supported off the ground.

Step 4: Using the Heat Gun

Turn the heat gun on, hold it 3 inches from the pipe, and move it slowly over the length of the heat area. Simultaneously, turn the pipe in the clockwise direction. Continue the heating through the heat gun until the plastic begins to droop.

Step 5: Bending and Hardening the Pipe

Place the pipe over the radius form and form the pipe over the round surface. Bend the pipe as per the desired shape. Wipe the pipe with a wet cloth to re-harden the plastic.