How to Bind Outdoor Carpet

Many types of outdoor carpet are intentionally left with edges that are unwoven. While this type of edging gives the carpet a unique appearance, it is unfortunately also more prone to unraveling and becoming frayed than standard carpet squares which have bound edges. Fortunately, you can help to ameliorate this problem and protect the quality of your outdoor carpet by taking a few simple steps to bind the outdoor carpet edges. Read on for a brief guide on how to complete this project at home.

Tools and Materials

  • Carpet shears or large scissors
  • Cotton binding tape
  • Straight pins
  • Upholstery needle
  • Iron
  • Thread matching the color of the carpet
  • Vacuum
  • Carpet cleaning solution

Step 1 -- Prepare the Carpet

Begin by cleaning the carpet thoroughly. Use a vacuum to remove any debris, pet hair, dirt and other objects from the surface of the carpet. It may help to hang the carpet up and beat it with a carpet racket in order to loosen this debris first. Next, use a carpet cleaning solution to spot clean any areas near the unwoven edges which may be dirty.

Step 2 -- Trim Off Any Frays

Look at the edges of the carpet for signs of frayed edges. These may appear to be unwoven or somewhat different in texture from the rest of the carpet. If you find any, use the carpet shears or a pair of large scissors to remove the frayed sections. As you do so, be careful not to trim off any of the base of the carpet or the good part of the carpet that hasn't yet been damaged. Discard the frays that you trim off of the carpet in an appropriate waste disposal.

Step 3 -- Measure, Cut, and Attach Binding Tape

Measure out a piece of binding tape that is 2 inches longer than the edge of the carpet. Wrap it around the edge of the carpet so that it is completely centered. Use the straight pins to hold it into place over the edge of the carpet, and check at every foot or so along the carpet to be sure that the binding tape is spread evenly over the edge of the carpet.

Step 4 -- Iron the Binding

Iron the binding tape with a hot iron to solidify its position on the edge of the carpet and to provide a sharp crease.

Step 5 -- Stitch the Binding Into Place

Use a needle and thread that matches the color of the carpet to bind the binding to the edge of the carpet. Use a cross stitch to do this, and ensure that the 2 inch section that overlaps the edge of the carpet is folded around the base of the carpet and attached to the front of the binding. If you are uncomfortable stitching, there are also binding tapes that make use of a glue gun for this process, although they tend to not be as sturdy or as durable as stitched bindings are.