How to Bird Proof Dryer Vents

Birds love to nest in dryer vents because of the continuous flow of warm air from these outlets. However, this inhibits the functioning of your dryer vents, so bird proofing them becomes necessary. Leaving your dryer vent open to birds can result in fires and other severe damages. Bird proofing dryer vents is relatively easy. A few simple supplies are all you need to keep your home safe and your vent functioning properly.

What to Use

Before you begin bird proofing your vent, you must decide the type of bird proofing you want to install. The two most common bird proofing measures for vents are dryer vent guards and dryer vent closure systems. The former are available in all sizes and work well to keep out birds and other insects and small animals. If you choose to go for this, buy one that will fit the size of your vent. The latter, a dryer vent closure system, is slightly more expensive, but far more energy efficient. These ensure that the air from the outside does not re-enter your home. They comprise a cup that completely encloses the vent opening when the vent is not turned on.

Other measures include changing your dryer vent from the flap type to a grate type. You could also cover the vent with a fine wire meshing to keep the birds out. Liquid, visual and sound bird deterrents are also available, but these are not as suitable for dryer vents as a simple vent guard. Visual deterrents that have shiny reflective surfaces may be hung in front of the vent opening, although these are not as effective.

Tools and Materials Needed:

If you choose to install a dryer vent guard or a dryer vent closure system, here's what you'll need:

  • Dryer vent guard or dryer vent closure system
  • Screws and screwdriver
  • Drill bits and drill
  • Ladder and safety equipment, depending on the height of the vent

Step 1: Measurements

Regardless of which system you pick, you will need to take measurements to ensure that your vent guard or cap fits the vent opening correctly.

Step 2: Scour the Market

Once you have decided the type of bird proofing measure you want to install, and you have taken all necessary measurements, it's time to buy the bird proofing measure of your choice. Your best option is to check online for the various types of systems and guards available. Remember to pick one that is energy efficient, suits your budget and does not hamper the aesthetic appeal of your home.

Step 3: Installation

Dryer vent guards are relatively simple to install. Hold the guard over the vent opening and secure it with the help of screws. You may need to drill pilot holes in the wall for the screws.

Dryer vent closure systems are slightly more complicated. However, the basic installation method is the same. Hold them over the vent opening and secure them tightly with screws. Most dryer vent closure systems come with special instructions for installation. Simply follow the instructions for the easy installation of dryer vent guards.