How to Black Out Your LED Tail Lights

What You'll Need
Cleaning Cloths
Clear Tint Spray Paint
Rubbing Alcohol
Window Cleaner
Masking Tape
Basic Tool Kit
100 Grit Sand Paper

One of the growing trends in America is blacking out your LED tail lights. Typically, this is done to make your car stand out in a crowd or to make a fashion statement. There are multiple ways to do this, which include tint, tape, paint and various other ways. Depending on your state or your city, you may run into legal problems when it comes to your blacked out LED tail light. In this article, we're going to cover how to do this without taking it to a shop. This is going to save you a great deal of money. 

Step 1 Take The Lights Out

Remove the tail lights from your car and put them in a place where you're able to work without damaging yourself or anything else. Also make sure you have a safe place for screws to fall because if these fall into a place where you can't reach them, you're not going to be able to replace your lights after the tinting process.

 Step 2 Clean It

Now take your tail lights and use the window cleaner and cloth to dry them. Remember to do this lightly, as you want them to be smooth as possible for the tinting process. 

Step 3 Clean With Alcohol

Now clean those lights with your rubbing alcohol. This is going to remove any debris that may have built up on them. This is also necessary to sterilize the lights and get any debris or dirt that the water wasn't able to get.

Step 4 Sand It

Take the lights and sand them a few times lightly. This is going to make them smoother for the tinting process. Remember to do this gently because if you do this too roughly you're going to end up making cracks and scratches in your lights that would deface the aesthetic appeal. 

Step 5 Tint It

Shake your spray well then spray your lights. Stand one foot away to make sure you get an even coat. Keep spraying until you've reached the tint shade that you want. Remember to coat them evenly or else you're going to have unsightly drip marks that will make your car simply look ridiculous.

 Step 6 Peel The Tape

 Peel the tape off that you had placed on the rear lights earlier. Spray these with a  light coat and then take a while to let them dry, once again remembering to use an even coat as to avoid any excess drip marks that will destroy the look that you're trying to achieve by blacking out your lights in the first place.

 Step 7 Replace Them

 Now is time to re place the lights on the car. Now you've blacked out your LED tail lights without having to break the bank.