How to Blacktop Your Driveway

What You'll Need
Strong detergent solution
Stiff broom
Putty knife
Hammer and old chisel
Wide brush

If you have a driveway that has faded and started looking sorry for itself, you need to renew the blacktop.

Clear all items off the driveway and scrub it hard with a strong detergent solution. Using the strongest jet possible on your hose, wash the drive thoroughly and leave it to dry for 2 or 3 days.

Any holes or cracks in the drive need to be filled. First make sure the cracks or the sides of the holes do not rise above the general level of the drive – use a hammer and chisel to remove any such areas. Once they are level with the driveway fill the cracks and holes with a commercial filler. There are several available but it must be for filling asphalt. Level off filled areas with the putty knife and wait for the filler to dry before applying the sealer.

While you are waiting for the filler to dry examine the edge of your drive and make any necessary repairs if it is irregular of crumbling.

Applying the Driveway Sealer
It is best to apply the sealer with a wide brush but in several thin coats. Make sure the sealer is stirred often while you are applying it – it is also a good idea to spray the sealer with a fine mist of water while you are applying it.

Using thin coats will prevent the sealer from cracking.

Don’t allow anybody to use the driveway for at least 2 days after sealing and don’t try to seal your driveway more often than every 2 years.