How to Bleed a Hot Water Boiler

What You'll Need
Large bucket
Garden hose
Expendable rags

Regularly bleeding your hot water boiler is an essential part of keeping the device in working order. Fortunately, a hot water boiler can easily be bled with the aid of a few household tools.

Step 1 - Prep Your Boiler

Before proceeding to bleed your boiler, you'll need to shut the device off and locate its drainage valve. This valve is generally located towards the bottom of the boiler and bears a striking resemblance to a standard hose valve. Once you've located the appropriate valve, use your hands to gently screw on your garden hose.

Step 2 - Bleed Your Boiler

Now that you've attached your hose, place the exhaust end into a large bucket or, provided the hose is long enough, place the exhaust end outside. Next, place several expendable rags directly beneath the drainage valve to soak up any leakage. You will now need to open up the boiler's fill valve, which is located above the drainage valve, by turning it in a clockwise fashion.

Once water and air bubbles have stopped emanating from the exhaust end of your garden hose, your hot water boiler has been successfully bled. You may now close up the fill valve, detach your hose and turn the boiler back on.