How to Bolt Down a Car Audio Subwoofer

What You'll Need
L brackets
Socket set
Screwdriver (flathead and Philips)
Bungee cord (optional)

Once you have a car audio subwoofer picked out and ready to go, you will need to properly secure it for best results. This can all be dependent on the type of enclosure, the bracing system inside the subwoofer, and the type of car you are bolting it into. This guide will cover those different aspects of the subwoofer and cover the steps needed to properly secure it to your vehicle. There are distinct advantages and disadvantages to consider with every variation of the setup you can configure.

Step 1 – Determine the Enclosure Type

There are three basic types of enclosures for most car audio subwoofers. The most commonly used type is known as a sealed enclosure. Sealed enclosures are usually the smallest of all enclosures making them ideal for the trunk space found in most vehicles. A sealed enclosure offers only an average low frequency extension but if you do not have a lot of space it may be the best you can do.

The other two types of common enclosures are ported and bandpass. The ported enclosure can produce a better low frequency extension but requires a larger enclosure. Bandpass enclosures are designed to give impressive peaks at high frequencies. This is good for bass heavy music (such as rap) but does not sound as good with other types of music. These two types of enclosures are almost much more intricate (and therefore more difficult) to assemble correctly. This is another reason why sealed enclosures are the most common type used in car audio systems.

Step 2 – Install Enclosure Bracing

Even though the enclosure itself may be bolted to the vehicle to prevent it from moving, the parts inside the enclosure can still move if not secured. There are different types of bracing you can install inside the enclosure itself to keep the parts in position where they need to be. The braces are designed to keep the individual parts from moving horizontally as well as vertically inside the enclosure. Moving parts can get easily damaged or cause damage to other parts and should be avoided if at all possible.

Step 3 – Blot the Enclosure Down

The last step to secure your enclosure in place is to bolt it into the vehicle to keep it in place. This can be done a couple of different ways depending on the type of vehicle you are installing the subwoofer in. the most common method is to drill some mounting brackets into the baseboard of the car that you can attach the enclosure to.

Some trunks do not have a floor board that you can safely drill into to secure the enclosure down without damaging the vehicle or disturbing the wiring system. If this is the case you can use some tight bungees to secure each side of the enclosure in position to the point that it is not able to shift whatsoever while you are driving.