How to Broom Finish Concrete

What You'll Need
Concrete forms (permanent or temporary moulds into which concrete is poured)
Trowel (a hand tool used for digging or scooping)
Concrete broom
Edge Trowel

If you know how to broom finish concrete you have successfully managed to counter one of the disadvantages of concrete: its slippery surface making it dangerous to walk on, especially for children. Concrete is certainly amongst the top surfaces when it comes durability. However, the slippery element makes homeowners think twice especially if they have children. A simple broom finish would provide greater friction, making it safe for people to walk upon. A broom finish would provide the exact same durability as that of a regular slab of concrete. In the past, if you have ever poured a slab of concrete, then the extra effort that is needed for a broom finished concrete should certainly fall in your list of do-it-yourself tasks.


Step-1: Build, Level and Fill the Concrete Forms

First form the concrete slab and then pour it in accordance with the standard concrete installation methods. These methods include, constructing the forms from wood and then leveling them. Then simply fill up the forms with cement and use a straight board to levels the concrete. Hold the straight board crossways on the top of the concrete form.


Step-2: Finish the Concrete Exterior with a Trowel

Use a trowel to finish the surface. The trowel is used to smooth out the surface and level it. Using a trowel to finish the surface will also help work the tiny rocks concealed in cement to the base of the surface and bring the cement-water mixture at the top.


Step-3: Broom Finish the Concrete Surface

Take a concrete broom and run it across the concrete surface. You have the option of using a regular household broom but it is recommended that for better results you use a concrete broom that is also used by professionals to broom finish concrete. Hold the bristles of the concrete broom at approximately a 45 degree angle with the cement. Keeping in mind in which direction people usually walk on the surface, pull the broom from one corner of the surface to the other in that direction at a 90 degree angle. Now shift the broom to the edging of the surface where you have applied the broom finish.


Step-4: Consistency and Edges

It is advised that you keep the pressure exerted on the cement uniform at all times to ensure that a consistant set of marks have been produced on the cement. Then move onto the edges of the concrete slab and finish them. This is where an edge trowel comes in handy. Use the edge trowel to round off the edges of the concrete slab and make a flat margin. This would help form a consistent border for the broom part of the concrete slab finish. However, do not undo your work by allowing people to use it immediately. Give the cement sometime to dry off before allowing people to walk on the concrete slab.